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Middleton collection Study Day 2: Saturday 14 October 2017 11am - 3.30pm

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MEDATS seeks someone to take over administering its website

At the most elementary level, the job involves keeping the news and details of the website up to date from information passed on by other members of the committee. At that basic level the work is slight and erratic. Beyond that, whatever additional input the incumbent is inclined to invest.
The present architecture is in code drafted by the present web administrator, but, of course, any replacement will be at liberty to make whatever changes he or she sees fit.

The date of the next meeting:

June 3rd 2017, and theme is “Grand Occasions”.
The venue in London is now confirmed, and details will accompany your ticket orchase, which may be done by PayPal from the Future Events page, or by more trtaditional methods.

The aim of MEDATS is to promote education in medieval dress and textiles by the improvement of public knowledge of textile history.

Based in Great Britain, the Society hopes to bring together people from a wide range of disciplines, who have an interest in all aspects of medieval dress and textiles.

We hold a variable number of seminars every year, each with a different theme, where as well as expert speakers we have a variety of displays and demonstrations. In this way we want to provide access to expertise, both academic and practical. Our members receive a newsletter three times a year, which contains the presentations of the last conference, as well as publication reviews, forthcoming events and other related points of interest.

Membership is open to anyone, whether they reside in Britain or not.

Please take our questionnaire. This .doc file may be filled out and e-mailed to the Secretary Christine Carnie: