The Medieval Dress and Textile Society Membeship

The Medieval Dress and Textile Society (MEDATS) is a forum for anyone interested in, or curious about, European clothing and textiles from the end of the Roman Empire in western Europe until the Early Modern Period.
The Society usually holds three meetings annually covering topics concerned with both practical and theoretical aspects of the history of dress and textiles, Our speakers and members include professionals and amateurs – scholars, archaeologists, curators, craftspeople, theatrical designers, reenactors and students, who find a friendly and knowledgeable audience upon which new ideas and research may be tried out. Some meetings incorporate practical demonstrations, displays or handling sessions.  Please see our Events page for upcoming and past meetings.
The Society produces a Newsletter three times a year, usually in advance of each meeting. It gives details of future meetings, summaries of papers given at the Society’s meetings, bibliographies, reviews and recent publications.  Please see the main menu for links to other information.
Annual subscriptions (payable in pounds sterling only) run from 1st January – 31st December
  • £15 Individual members worldwide;1
    (£6 paper newsletter surcharge for Europe, £9 for worldwide outside Europe)
  • £20 Households worldwide (2 members2);
    (paper surcharges as above)
  • £10 Student members worldwide (with proof of status);
    (paper surcharges as above)
  • £30 Institutions irrespective of location;
    (paper surcharges as above)

1: Members may stand for office within the Society, vote in meetings and elections, and gain a discount on attendance at meetings. Within the UK the newsletter is usually available electronically as a PDF file to the recorded email address, or on paper by request.
2: One copy of the newsletter will be sent whichever mode is employed, but both named members enjoy the full range of rights and privileges.

  • To submit your membership information via email or ‘snail mail’ please download the pdf form by right clicking this image and selecting save this link as:

  • To submit your membership information with an electronic form and PayPal please click here.