Annual subscriptions (payable in pounds sterling only) run from 1st January – 31st December.

£15 Individual members worldwide; (£6 paper newsletter surcharge for Europe)  (£9 paper newsletter surcharge for worldwide outside Europe)
£20 Households worldwide (2 members2); (paper newsletter surcharges as above)
£10 Student members worldwide (with proof of status);  (paper newsletter surcharges as above)
£30 Institutions irrespective of location.
£5 Electronic newsletter subscription, non UK.3

1: Members may stand for office within the society, vote in meetings and elections, and gain a discount on attendance at meetings. Within the UK the newsletter is available electronically as a PDF file, or on paper. Please specify which method of delivery is preferred. If no preference is recorded, electronic delivery will be assumed as a default whenever an e-mail address is supplied.
2: One copy of the newsletter will be sent whichever mode is employed, but both named members enjoy the full range of rights and privileges.
3: This gains none of the privileges of membership and is not available to residents of Great Britain.

People within Britain have the option to pay by cheque, electronic transfer or standing order. Please contact the Membership Secretary for bank details.
For those outside Britain, or who prefer it, our PayPal link is below.

Payment Options

Download a membership form.


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