Past Meetings

Summer Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2016

On the Move
Saturday June 4th 2016
Art Workers’ Guild, London

Melanie Braun, School of Historical Dress, London ‘ ...out of the folds of their garments’: pouches and pockets 1300 to c.1580,
Thomas Ertl, Universität Wien, ‘Bishops on the Move – Textiles on Site: The Bishop of Freising’s Visits to His Manors in the Fourteenth Century’
Mary Hollingsworth, ‘The travelling clothes of Ippolito d’Este and his household’
Eva Trein Nielsen, Copenhagen, ‘Textile protecting textile: how to wrap and transport textiles’
Christine Meek, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘Convoys of silk cloths’
Mariachiara Gasparini, Santa Clara University, California, ‘Turkic Transmission: Sino-Iranian Textile Iconography Along Unofficial Silk Routes’
Alexandra Lester-Makin, The University of Manchester, ‘An embroidery stitch that travelled’
Zoe Boden, University of Glasgow, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Christie’s Education, ‘A Travelling Show: the role of embroidered copes in medieval Church processions
Margot Miller, Mortimer History Society, ‘Three Mortimer inventories on change of ownership and travel’

Spring Meeting 2015 and Annual General Meeting

Occupational Dress
Saturday 30th May 2015
Art Workers’ Guild, London

David Rushworth, independent researcher and practitioner, ‘Fifteenth century domestic liveries’
Dr. Sven Hauschke, Curator of Arts and Crafts, Kunst Sammlungen der Veste Coburg, ‘The “house books” of the Nuremberg Twelve-Brothers-Foundation (1388-1806)’
Dr. Timothy Dawson, independent researcher, ‘Law enforcement insignia in Constantinople, tenth to twelfth centuries’
Dr. Jane Malcolm-Davies & Ninya Mikhaila, independent researchers and practitioners, ‘“All my sea clothes”: Mariners’ dress in the sixteenth century’
Glynis Hughs, independent researcher, ‘The Cryes of London: Clothes of London tradespeople depicted in the earliest series of prints held at the Pepys Library’.

Summer Meeting 2014

The Fabric of Pageantry
Saturday 14th June 2014
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Maria Hayward, Professor of Modern History, The University of Southampton, ‘Textiles and Tournaments under the Tudor Kings’
Natalie Anderson, Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Medieval Studies, University of Leeds: ‘The Pageantry of the Joust in the Tournaments of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor’
Dr Lynsey Darby, Archivist, College of Arms, London, ‘The Westminster Tournament Roll: a visual depiction of a tournament in the reign of Henry VIII’
Karen Watts, Senior Curator of Armour and Art, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, ‘Joust for fun? Self-fashioning, identity and public persona in the medieval tournament’

Spring Meeting 2014

Fur and Feathers — Comfort and Luxury
Saturday 8th March 2014
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Dr Jane Bridgeman, independent scholar, ‘Furred Robes: a glimpse at fur linings and accessories in sixteenth century Italian portraits’
Caroline Johnson, ‘Pampillion, Poots and Purfles: fur in the Henrician Great Wardrobe accounts’
Professor Birgitta Berglund, NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Trondheim, ‘Feathers in Viking Age burials in Scandinavia’
Mary Kitson, The Fan Museum, London, ‘Faces and Fans in Sixteenth Century Italian art’

Autumn Meeting 2013

Getting Dressed
Saturday 23rd November 2013
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Jenny Tiramani, School of Historical Dress, ‘Dressed (to please King Ferdinand) at the Imperial Diet in Augsburg 1530’
Kathleen O’Neill, Assistant Librarian, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, ‘Nicolette - Action Transvestite’
Sarah Thursfield, independent scholar, ‘Lacing in Fact and Fiction’
Christine Carnie, independent scholar, ‘**’
Johannes Pietsch, Bayerischen Nationalmuseum, Munich, ‘Shaping a Fashionable Silhouette’

Summer Meeting 2013

Below the Knee: Shoes, Hose and other Items
Saturday 22nd June 2013
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Dagmar Drinkler, Bayerischen Nationalmuseum, Munich, ‘The Reconstruction of Tight-Fitting Textiles in Sprang Technique’
Dr. Timothy Dawson, independent scholar, ‘Trousers to trousers in just one thousand years!’
Jutta von Bloh, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, ‘Refinements in sixteenth century princely legwear: extraordinary examples from the court of the Dukes of Saxony in the Dresden Armoury’
Lesley O’Connell Edwards, independent scholar, ‘“A Child of 20 yer that knytt gret hose by whom cometh their chiefe lyvinge”: archival and archaeological evidence for hand-knitted hose in Elizabethan England’
June Swann, The Boot and Shoe Museum, Northampton, ‘Fifteenth Century Poulaines’
Aimee Payton, Ashmolean Museum, ‘Shoes in the Community: Engaging the public with Medieval Footwear’

Above: Dagmar Drinkler brought along astonishing examples of the sprang techniques that were the subject of her paper.

Spring Meeting 2013

This meeting was deferred.

Autumn Meeting 2012

Well Worn Weeds: Plant fibres worn next to the skin
Saturday 27th October, 2012
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Dr. Jane Bridgeman, independent scholar, ‘Machiavelli’s Linens’
Beatrice Nutz, ‘All indecent! 15th century linen underwear from Lengberg Castle, East-Tyrol, Austria’
Speaker?, ‘Documentary Evidence from Florence in the mid-15th century’
Susan North, ‘Linen and the Plague: medical beliefs surrounding linen in the period prior to 1600’
Jenny Tiramani, School of Historical Dress, ‘15th and 16th century linens: Evolutions in Cut’

Left:Papers were supplemented by a display of reproduction linen garments from Alice Gordon.

Summer Meeting 2012

There was no Summer meeting in 2012.

Spring Meeting 2012
The Geoff Egan Memorial Conference

Heavy Metal and Dirty Deeds: Buttons, hooks and other Dress Accessories
Saturday 10th March 2012
Museum of London

Dr. Michael Lewis, Portable Antiquities Scheme, ‘Geoff, you missed this!: medieval and post-medieval highlights of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2011’
Hazel Forsyth, Museum of London, ‘Keeping up appearances: a few finds from the foreshore’
Frances Pritchard, Whitworth Art Gallery, ‘Silk hairnets, chaplets and related mounts in the 13th and 14th centuries’
Dr. Eleanor Standley, Ashmolean Museum, ‘Trinkets and Charms: the use and meaning of later- and post-medieval dress accessories’
Julian Bowsher, Museum of London Archaeology, ‘Preening at the playhouses: finds from the Theatre, Rose and Globe sites’

Autumn Meeting 2011

Reconstruction, Replication, Living History
Saturday 22nd October 2011
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum

Ghristopher Gidlow, Head of Live Interpretation, Historic Royal Palaces, ‘HRP's philosophy and methodology in reconstruction’
Sarah Thursfield and Ruth Gilbert, ‘Clothing for King Offa: the challenges and compromises of a commercial reconstruction’
Steve Kennett, Lesley Parker, Barbara Painter, Weald and Downland Museum, ‘The Historic Clothing Project’
Dr. Katrin Kania, Freelance Historical Costumier, ‘Insights into commercial historical costuming’
Christine Petty, PhD Candidate, University of Manchester, ‘Reenactors: The (Almost) Untapped Resource’

Summer Meeting 2011

There was no Summer meeting in 2011.

Spring Meeting 2011

Making it: Textile technology in Medieval Europe
Saturday 5th March 2011
Museum of London

Gale R. Owen-Crocker, University of Manchester, ‘Continuity and change: an overview of medieval textile production’
Ruth Gilbert, independent scholar and crafts person, ‘Spinning technology in England between 450 and 1500’
Alan Raistrick, independent scholar, ‘Revelations and Calculations; developments in the spinning wheel during the Medieval Period’
Anna Nørgård, independent scholar and crafts person, ‘The reconstructed sail: A sail woven in wool on a warp-weighted loom reconstructed from Greenland from the twelfth century’
Glenys Crocker, independent scholar and crafts person, ‘The West Surrey Guild’s Warp-weighted Loom’
Dr. Nat Alcock, independent scholar, ‘Re-creating the Weaver’s House and his Loom’

Autumn Meeting 2010

Tapestries Study Day
Saturday 9th October 2010
Hampton Court Palace

Frances Lennard, ‘Woven pictures: an overview of tapestry conservation’
Kate Frame, Head of Conservation and Collection Care, HRP, ‘Tapestry revealed’

Summer Meeting 2010

Stiffening, Stuffing and Quilting: the extra dimension
Saturday 15th May 2010
Courtauld Institute, London

Dr. Timothy Dawson, independent scholar, ‘Soft cargo: padded garments and accessories in the Enduring Roman Empire’
Lisa Monnas, lndependent Scholar, ‘What is a pourPoint?’
Maria Hayward, Southampton University, ‘The Rothwett Jack- cut, construction & conservation’
Hilary Davidson, Museum of London, ‘A quilted fourteenth-century Spanish brial (gown)’
Claire Thornton, ‘Sixteenth-century stiffening and padding with linen, whalebone, pasteboard, felt & bents and padding with wool, cotton, horsehair, straw & bran’

Spring Meeting 2010

Riche Robes and Stuffes: European dress and Textiles, 1300 — 1600:
A study day to celebrate the opening of the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Saturday 13th March 2010
Victoria and Albert Museum

Jo Banham, Head of Adult Learning, Victoria and Albert Museum, ‘Welcome’
Kirstin Kennedy, Conservator V&A, ‘The New Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the V&A’
Elizabeth Anne Haldane, Project Curator for the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries, ‘Disappearing Mounts: The Display of Textiles and Accessories in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries’
Angus Patterson, Curator V&A, ‘Proud Looks and Brave Attire: Fashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe’
Lisa Monnas, Independent scholar, ‘The Epitome of Elegance: Renaissance Velvets’
Dr. Jane Bridgeman, Associate Lecturer, University of the Arts, ‘Renaissance transformations: Italian textiles and interiors’
Jenny Tiramani,, Historic Costumier & former Director of Theatre Design at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, ‘Cutting Corners: Patterns from Surviving European Dress 1400-1600’

Autumn Meeting 2009

Aspects of Jewellery and Clothing
Saturday 31st October 2009
Courtauld Institute, London

Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, ‘An Irish mitra pretiosa
Bet McLeod, ‘The Chalkis Treasure: a late medieval treasure found in Greece’
Pam Walker, ‘Jewellery on medieva monumental brasses’
Geoff Egan, Museum of London, ‘Found in the ground: some dress accessories from Excavations and the Portable Antiquities Scheme’
John Cherry, ‘Attachment and loss: dress fittings and decorations’

Spring Meeting 2009

Henry VIII: the clothing and textiles of a Renaissance monarch
Saturday 2nd May 2009
Courtauld Institute, London

Santina Levey, ‘Fine wrought linen at the court of Henry VIII’
Maria Hayward, ‘Dressed to impress: Henry VIII’s wardrobe in the 1540s’
Lisa Monnas, ‘Ill-gotten gains and magnificence: ecclesiastical vestments and liturgical textiles in the 1547 inventory of Henry VIII’
Johannes Pietsch, ‘Mens’ gowns in the sixteenth century: from fashionable to ceremonial dress’

Autumn Meeting 2008

Museum and private collections of dress and textiles pre-1600
Saturday 4th October 2008
Courtauld Institute, London

Hilary Davidson, Curator, Museum of London, ‘The collections of the Museum of London’
Frances Pritchard, Whitworth Art Gallery, ‘The collections of the Whitworth Art Gallery and Museum, University of Manchester’
Eva Hansson, Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace, ‘The collections of the Royal School of Needlework’
Linda Wooley, independent scholar, ‘The collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum’
Dr. Timothy Dawson, Leeds Museums Service, ‘The collections of the University of Leeds’
Karen Watts, Senior Curator of Armour and Art, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, ‘The cloth of gold brigandine of King Henry VIII’

Summer Meeting 2008

There was no Summer meeting in 2008.

Spring Meeting 2008

Textiles and dress for formal entries into cities
Saturday March 2008
Courtauld Institute, London

Dr. Timothy Dawson, Leeds Museums Service, ‘Wedded to the City: triumphal entries into Constantinople, ninth to twelfth centuries’
Nicola Coldstream, ‘Henry’s welcome into London after Agincourt’
Dr. Jane Bridgeman, ‘Marvellous and noble public display: the significance of the role of textiles and dress in early modern Italian secular ceremonial’

Autumn Meeting 2007

Medieval archaeological textiles in north-western Europe: recent finds and scholarship
Saturday 27th October 2007
Courtauld Institute, London

Hilary Davidson, Curator, Museum of London, ‘Latvian textiles’
Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, ‘From rags to riches: a short commentary on Irish archaeological textiles from the seventh to the sixteenth centuries’
Frances Pritchard, Whitworth Art Gallery, ‘The Llangors textile: a ninth-century linen garment with silk embroidery found in a lake near Brecon’
Geoff Egan, Museum of London, ‘Approving Lucchese medieval silks: seals of approval and recent London finds’

MeDaTS had been holding meetings for years prior to this, and in due course we hope to continue the listing further back.